November 2018   
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Pastor Raymond M. Tear

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The two most important things a person can do in life are quite simple, but very profound. The first is to come to know God through a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Every other truly good work or good thing flows from that relationship and is a product of that relationship.

The second thing is to become well-grounded in God’s Holy Word, the Bible. Many persons know a few passages, but few really know the Bible. It is by spending time in reading and study that we deepen our relationship with our God. We really get to know Who He is, what He is like, how greatly He loves us, and how He wants us to love Him in return. We also learn what constitutes good and faithful service to Him.

My main task as Pastor of First Presbyterian Church is to help people come into that right relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and then to help them become well-grounded in the Word as their own relationship with the Lord grows and deepens. There is much more to the calling of a pastor, but those are the main responsibilities. Everything else is an adjunct or support to those two main things. I take those responsibilities very seriously. You will find that reflected in my preaching and teaching, as well as in the way I conduct my other pastoral duties.

Come join with us in the journey of becoming more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ as we worship God and seek to grow in grace, in knowledge, and in service to our Lord.


Grace and peace,

Pastor Ray Tear

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